I thought it fitting that my first blog post is about something that is making headlines right here at home and in rest of the world. The trial of Geert Wilders.

I’m not sure really where to begin with this story, the fact that Wilders is acquitted by a court of law that’s supposed to protect all citizens not just the white elite, the fact that what Wilders is saying about Muslims and Islam can’t dare be said about any other group of people or the fact that he is getting more popular with each year that passes.

I should just start at the beginning. Wilders was charged with inciting hate and discriminating against Muslims. Over the past few years he has said many offensive things about Muslims and Islam, for example: “Islam is a fascist religion only followed by morons”, “The Quran is equivalent to Hitlers Mein Kampf and should be banned”, “We need to stop the Muslim immigration to the West”. This is just a small sample but nonetheless you get the gist.

Now my problem with al of this is not only the fact that he is saying these ridiculous things, but rather that no one san say anything remotely similar about Christians or god forbid Jews, because THAT would be racist/anti-semitic. And this is where the double standard comes in.

I’m all for freedom of speech, and in a real democracy there should always be room for these freedoms, but when it borders on insanity but still is labeled “freedom of speech”, that’s when I think that these freedoms are being abused.

Finally, I’m very disappointed that people (in the Netherlands, but also in the rest of the western world) are buying this negative and untruthful image of the Islam and Muslims without even trying to figure out the truth for themselves. Thankfully there are others who do try to distance themselves from the likes of Geert Wilders and to those people I say YOU ROCK!!!

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Hello world!

So much is happening in the world that I thought it’s time for me to start giving my opinion about these changes, so I decided to start a blog.

First I’ll introduce myself. My name is Fatima and I’m a Dutch woman with Moroccan roots, born and raised and still living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I’m a student at university studying accounting, so I’m pretty good with numbers LOL. But most importantly I am a Muslim. In this day and age that word defines me completely. I’m feeling every day the discrimination, the hate and the ignorance that surrounds Islam and Muslims. So this blog is mostly written from that perspective, what it’s like living as a young Muslim in the west!

Enjoy and comment.